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SentryFile Version 4 Video Training

Below are a series of SentryFile video training tools for version 4. We are continuously adding new training videos.  Check back often!

If you are running SentryFile Version 3, you can access the old videos here.

If you are running SentryFile Version 5, you can access the newest videos here.

The videos are recorded at 800 X 600 screen resolution. We recommend that you have at least 800 X 600 screen resolution to view the videos, 1024 X 768 or greater is much better.

Getting Started
A quick introduction on how to access SentryFile using your browser and how to save it as a favorite or desktop shortcut for future use.

Signing In
How to sign into the SentryFile system.

Main Menu
Gentle introduction to the SentryFile user interface and how it works.

Description and explanation of the elements of the Homepage.

How to view documents that have been saved to your bookshelf.

Saved Searches
How to view saved searches from the saved searches page.

How to view binders and the documents that they contain.

Quick introduction to the various search methods in SentryFile.

Quick Search
Explanation of how to use the Quick Search method.

Index Search
How to perform more advanced searches using the Index Search feature.

Full-Text Search
How to find documents based on their contents using the Full-Text search.

How to Browse for documents within SentryFile cabinets.

Quick introduction on the ways to get documents into SentryFile.

Upload Electronic Files
How to upload electronic files(word, excel, etc) into SentryFile.

Scan Documents
How to scan paper documents into SentryFile.

Introduction to the management part of the SentryFile system.

Global Options
Detailed description of all Global Options.

Demonstration of how to create and edit SentryFile Cabinets.

How to add/edit/delete users in SentryFile.

How to simplify management using Groups.

Assigning access rights to users and groups.

Binder Rights
Distributing documents using Binders.

Adding and deleting system messages.

Recycle Bin
Explanation of how the recycle bins works.

Detailed explanation of all the Server information.

How to get help when using SentryFile.

Sign Out
How to finish your SentryFile session.

Scan-to-Email, FTP, Folder
Advanced explanation of how SentryFile can integrate with Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-FTP and Scan-to-Folder scanning devices.

Viewing Documents
How to view and work with multiple documents at once.

How to add/remove notes.

How to email documents from SentryFile.

How to add documents to the SentryFile recycle bin.

How to save documents to your workstation.

How to append additional pages to a documents.

Modify Index
How to modify the index information for a SentryFile record.

Adding to Binders
How to add documents to Binders.

How to move documents from one cabinet to another.

How to add documents to your bookshelf.

Save a Search
How to save your search criteria for use later.

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