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Support Troubleshooting Guide


This document contains a checklist of items that are the most common support issues encountered by SentryFile Support Representatives. We strongly recommend that you follow all the steps in this document before contacting SentryFile Support.

Client Vs. Server: Diagnosing the type of problem

Technical problems typically come in two flavors, either "Client Side Issues" or "Server Side Issues". There is a simple method to determine what flavor of problem that you are having. Simply check the see if the problem is happening on all client workstations.

If the problem is happening on all client workstations then the problem is likely a server issue.

If the problem is happenning on only one (or some, but not all) workstations, then you are experiencing a client side issue.

Once you have determined the problem type, use the appropriate checklist below to troubleshoot the problem.

Client Side Problems:

1. If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2 as your workstation operating system then be sure to follow all the steps listed in this document: http://www.sentryfile.com/download/XPSP2_Mods.pdf

2. Clear your Internet Explorer browser cache by following these steps:
a. Open "Internet Explorer"
b. Click "Tools" -> "Internet Options"
c. Click the "Settings" button.
d. Set "Check for newer versions of stored pages" to "Every visit to the page".
e. Click OK
f. Then click the "Delete Files" button. Then click "Ok". This will flush the existing browser cache.
g. Click OK to close the "internet options" dialog.

3. If you are using the "Google Search Bar" you must disable the "Popup Blocker" by clicking the button that says "XXX Blocked" located in the middle of the toolbar. If you are using any other "Search Bars" or "Popup Blockers" please be sure the disable them for your SentryFile URL.

4. Make sure that your workstation is not being affected by spyware or malware. To clear off any malware/spyware, please use a product such as "Ad-Aware" which is free for personal use. Ad-Aware works like a virus scanner and can be downloaded from:

5. If you continue to have trouble please contact SentryFile Support via the SentryFile Live Chat, or the SentryFile Support Forum.

Server Side Problems:

1. Make sure you have disabled the "Script Stopper" (McAfee Anti-Virus) or "Script Blocker" (Norton Anti-Virus) features from your virus protection software. SentryFile is written in ASP, a "scripting" language. These features disable the SentryFile application from functioning properly. Be sure to reboot your system after disabling these features.

2. Make sure that you have enabled port 80 on your firewall software. SentryFile is a web application that is accessed through port 80. If your firewall blocks port 80 the system may not be accessible.

3. Verify that the ASP libraries are registered to your web-server. To do this, click "Start" -> "Control Panel" -> "Administrative Tools" -> "Internet Information Services" -> Expand the "Default Website" tree to locate the "SentryFile virtual directory. Right-Click the virtual directory and choose "Properties". Click the "Configuration" button. Verify that ".ASP" is one of the listed mappings, and that the executable listed (asp.dll) exists at the appropriate location.

4. If you are using Windows 2003 server, please be aware that Windows 2003 restricts the maximum upload and download file size for ASP applications. This can cause problems when working with large files with SentryFile. To correct this, two small modifications are required to your IIS Metabase. We have created a video walk-through that demonstrates how to make the appropriate change. If you are using a Windows 2003 Server as your SentryFile Server, then please watch this video:

5. If you are using Windows 2003 server, please install Microsoft's Service Pack 1 or later for Windows 2003. There is a know bug with downloading large files on Windows 2003 without SP1. You can update your server by using windows update.

6. If you continue to have trouble please contact SentryFile Support via the SentryFile Live Chat, or the SentryFile Support Forum.

Still having trouble? If you are still having trouble after following all the above steps, please contact SentryFile Support through either our Live Chat (when available) or our Support Forum.

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