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SentryFile Version 4 to SentryFile Version 5 Migration

The Migration Tool moves your data from a SentryFile 4 System to a SentryFile 5 System. It does not disable, delete, or remove anything from the SentryFile 4 System, it simply makes copies of the data in the SentryFile 5 System. After running the migration tool, the SentryFile 4 system will still be operational. We have done this just in case a "path backwards" is required.

Data that is migrated by this tool:

  • User Accounts
  • Groups
  • Assigns User Account to Appropriate Groups
  • User and Group Permissions
  • Cabinets
  • Documents within Cabinets
  • Cabinet Rights
  • Document Notes
Data that is NOT migrated by this tool:
  • Global Options
  • Inbox Configurations
  • Binders
  • System Messages
  • Recycle Bin Contents
  • SentryFile 4 Utilities

Migration Steps

Step 1: Install SentryFile Version 5 on your server. If you don't have SentryFile 5 it can be downloaded here: SentryFile Download.

Important Note:If you are installing SentryFile 5 onto the same server as your SentryFile 4 system.

  • We STRONGLY recommend that when you are installing SentryFile 5 that you specify a Virtual Directory name OTHER THAN "SentryFile". For instance, when installing SentryFile 5, use a Virtual Directory name of "SentryFile5". Otherwise your SentryFile 4 and SentryFile 5 applications will be installed into the same folder on the server.
  • Because both SentryFile 4 and SentryFile 5 will be running in parralel on the server, you will require at least the same amount of free space as is currently consumed by your SentryFile 4 system. For instance, if you SentryFile 4 system consumes 10 gigabytes of hard drive space, you will require at least another 10 gigabytes of free space for SentryFile 5.

Step 2: Update your SentryFile 5 system to version 5.06 or later. This can be done by using the AutoUpdate Wizard within the SentryFile 5 system. Click "Management" -> "Server" -> "Check for Updates", then follow instructions on-screen.

Step 3: Make sure that you have entered the Serial Number into your SentryFile 5 system to unlock all the cabinet licenses. The Migration will fail if you do not have at least the same number of available cabinets as exist in your SentryFile 4 system.

Step 4: SentryFile 5 has a default limit of approximately 50 megabytes as the maximum file size that can be uploaded. If you have documents larger than 50 megabytes you will need to make the following adjustment to your SentryFile 5 system:

Open your /inetpub/wwwroot/sentryfile/web.config file in NotePad and locate the item: maxRequestLength="50096". Default maximum file size is approximately 50 megs. Replace the value with something larger, like "500000" (500 megs). Save the file.

Step 5: Install the MigrationTool onto your SentryFile 4 server. The MigrationTool can be downloaded from here:

MigrationTool Download

Step 6: Run the MigrationTool. Be sure to read the Welcome page. Then, click the "Settings" tab. Complete all the settings, then click the "Verify Connection" button. Place checkmarks in all the "Checks" items to confirm that you have completed those steps. Finally press "Begin Migration".

Step 7: When the Migration completes, carefully review the migration logs to check for errors. We recommend that you save a copy of the Migration log.

The Migration process can take many hours to complete because of the massive amount of data being copied. Please be patient.

Having trouble? If you are having trouble after following all the above steps, please contact SentryFile Support through the Support Forum.

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