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Support Overview

How Support Works....

We pride ourselves on the high quality of customer support that we offer to our customers. We offer numerous different forms of support including live one-on-one support, email-based support, training materials and self serve support. Please select the appropriate item below:

1. Make sure you are running the latest version of SentryFile:

  • Version 5.X: Run the Auto-Update Wizard by logging into your SentryFile System, then click "Management" -> "Server" -> "Check For Updates"
  • Version 4.X: Click here to download and install the auto-update utility.
  • Version 3.X: Click here to view our downloads page.

2. Check our troubleshooting checklist:

Our troubleshooting guide contains solutions for the most common installation, server and end-user problems.   Click here to view the troubleshooting checklist.

3. Check our Video Training resources (Free):

Watch video demonstrations on how to perform common system tasks, please choose the appropriate version of SentryFile:

4. Post your question in our Support Forum (Free):

Browse our support forum to see if your question has already been answered. If you don't find your question there, just register as a user in the forum and post it under the most appropriate topic, a member of our support team (or another user) will answer your post as soon as possible!

5. One-On-One Support with SentryFile Certified Specialist ($250.00/Hr):

We offer one-on-one support at a fee of $250.00 per hour. We can diagnose and solve problems remotely using Web-Meeting tools. To purchase a support session, click the link below, checkout, and we will contact you once your payment has been processed.

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