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Below are the available SentryFile software Updates for the old version 3.x product. Please ensure that you have the pre-requisite software version installed on your computer before applying any updates.

Also, please ensure that you back up your existing installation before applying any updates.

SentryFile 3.42 Update

Corrects problems caused by new Internet Explorer security defaults.
Corrected issues:

  • Preview document feature does not display document
(Pre-Requisite: SentryFile 3.41 - available below)
     Click to Download This Update - Update342.exe

SentryFile 3.41 Update

Corrects a couple minor issues with the original release of SentryFile 3.4.
Corrected issues:

  • Published Cabinet not working with SQL Server installations
  • Client Side OCR results not being sent to server
  • Creation of cabinets with SQL Server causes error
(Pre-Requisite: SentryFile 3.4)
     Click to Download This Update - Update341.exe

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