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Workflow Overview

We are pleased to announce our new Workflow features are available in SentryFile Enterprise Edition version 5.20 and later!

Workflow Overview
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SentryFile Enterprise Edition features advanced Workflow capabilities that allow you to route documents throughout your organization while maintaining the ability to track their progress and subscribe to email notifications on their status. Each workflow consists of two components:

  1. One or more "triggers" to cause a document to be entered into a workflow
  2. One or more "steps" that the document is routed through to be processed

Triggers are actions that occur within the system, such as adding a document to a cabinet, modifying a document, adding pages, etc. These triggers can be further refined by specifying specific users that will cause the trigger to activate, and by specifying index field criteria to filter on documents meeting specific requirements.

Steps are the people who will perform one or more tasks on a document. Each step can include a series of instructions for the user that outlines the set of tasks they must complete. Once completed the user can either "Approve" or "Reject" the document. Approval moves the document to the next step in the workflow. Rejection sends the document back to a previous step in the workflow, or removes the document completely from the workflow. The rejection action is configured by the administrator when creating the workflow.

Highly customizable email notifications and system alerts allow your users to set their own preferences on how they are notified about documents being processed through the workflow. These settings can be assigned globally to all workflows, while still providing users the ability to set exceptions on specific workflows.

For comprehensive demonstrations of the workflow capabilities in SentryFile, please watch the videos below:

For more information about SentryFile and it's Workflow capabilities, please contact your local SentryFile Authorized Partner, or contact us.

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