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New in SentryFile 5

Why Upgrade To SentryFile 5?

SentryFile Version 5 offers tremendous advantages over previous versions of SentryFile. Below is a listing of highlights of SentryFile Version 5 compared to previous versions.

New Modern Platform

SentryFile Version 5 is built on the ASP.NET platform using the Microsoft SQL Server database engine. This platform has proven to be reliable and offers much better performance. During testing we've found a 30% average performance increase.

Automatic Document Filing - AutoCapture

SentryFile Version 5's AutoCapture feature is one of the first web-based front-end capture solutions in document imaging. It allows you to automatically file your documents using key technologies such as ZoneOCR, Barcode Capture, PDF Properties, and Database Lookups. These technologies can virtually eliminate the need to manually file documents.

Revision Controls, Check-in & Check-Out

SentryFile Version 5 has complete document lifecycle management tools that allow you to maintain multiple versions and manage ongoing updates of documents.

New Authentication Mechanisms

SentryFile version 5 allows you to authenticate your users against another server in your IT infrastructure. Use FTP, POP Email, IMAP Email or LDAP servers to act as authentication sources for your users.

Create Searchable PDF Documents

Create text-searchable PDF documents with SentryFile Version 5's Image+Text OCR Engine.

Print to PDF Format from Virtually Any Windows Application

The SentryFile Satellite (included with SentryFile) can convert any document to PDF format so that you can file it in SentryFile. This means you can easily create PDF copies of your documents for storage within SentryFile. No need to print and scan documents that are already in electronic format. With the SentryFile Virtual Printer we skip those steps!

HotKey Search Integration

Highlight text in any Windows application and press "CTRL-SHIFT-1" on your keyboard. SentryFile Satellite takes the highlighted text, signs you into SentryFile and immediately performs a Quick Search using the highlighted keywords.

Many more features! Download a free 30-day trial edition of SentryFile and see for yourself!

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