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What is Unique About SentryFile

New generation of business software

SentryFile is pioneering a new generation of business software that offers unparalleled value by:

  1. Minimizing the complexity of the software to ensure that staff require only minimal training.
  2. Using only standards-based technologies to ensure that your data is always accessible no matter how future technologies change.
  3. Reducing the client workstation requirements to ensure that you extend the lifespan of your current technology investment.
  4. Simplified "server-based" licensing ensures that as your organizations grows you won't incur additional software costs.

These concepts will ensure that SentryFile offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any software package your organization uses.

Minimized complexity

SentryFile is designed to be "as easy as possible". This concept means each user, based on their rights profile, is only displayed interface items for features that they require. This keeps the interface clean from any items that are not required and can be customized on a user or group level.

Standards-based technologies

SentryFile is a completely non-proprietary system. This means that the application conforms to industry standards. This is crucial for businesses in the new economy. Information must be accessible no matter how future technologies change. With SentryFile, rest assured that your data is always YOUR data.

Reduced workstation requirements

SentryFile requires no additional software to be installed on your staff workstations. We use the existing software that you already have such as your Web Browser and your PDF Viewer. This lessens the stress on your existing technology and extends it's lifespan.

Server-based licensing

Typically software is licensed on a per-user or client basis. This means that each person that uses the software requires a separate license. SentryFile however is sold on a per-server basis. You can install SentryFile on one computer in your organization and allow virtually unlimited number of users to connect from their workstations. No additional licenses are required.

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