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Self-Paced Training

SentryFile offers a series of video-based training materials available as required. They offer a quick and simple way to learn both the core features of SentryFile, and some of the more advanced and administrative features.

SentryFile also offers extensive documentation to help you answer questions as they arise. The core system documentation is accessible from the "Help" menu within your SentryFile system. Periodically we post "White Papers" on our site which describe some of the more complicated procedures in detail.

Keep in mind that our website (http://www.sentryfile.com) offers a variety of free support materials including our Support Forum. Best of all, these "self-paced" training materials are free!

Partner On-Site Training

SentryFile Partners offer on-site interactive training services to ensure that your staff have the tools they need to be successful. Contact your local SentryFile Partner for more information and a quote.

SentryFile "One-On-One" Web-Based Training

If you feel that your staff require more interactive "one-on-one" training our staff can provide this through our Web-Meeting Software. With this exciting technology, our staff can remotely connect into your staff member's workstation and guide them through a training course. This very effective training method is available for as little as $95.00 per hour.

For more information Contact Us.

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