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SentryFile is Non-Proprietary

Why is this important?

Technology changes very quickly. It is important to ensure that the data you generate is stored in non-proprietary formats to ensure that you will always be able to access the information in the future. SentryFile is built upon industry standards that ensure that your data will be accessible in the future. Below is a listing of common proprietary technologies that are used in other systems. Make sure that whatever system you decide to purchase that they do not use proprietary technologies.

NO Proprietary file formats

In the IT world the word "proprietary" can mean future problems. Proprietary file formats make it virtually impossible to migrate your data to future applications because the vendor controls your data. A proprietary file format makes you "a customer for life" for the vendor.

SentryFile only utilizes industry standard file formats such as PDF (portable document format) for scanned documents. SentryFile support all file formats.

NO Proprietary databases

Similar to proprietary file formats, a proprietary database can mean that the vendor controls your data. This will make it virtually impossible to migrate to future applications. You are locked into your vendor for the life of your data. The issue is who owns the data - you or the supplier. With a proprietary database - you don't!

SentryFile utilizes Microsoft SQL Server. It is recognized as an industry standard solution and you can access them from outside of SentryFile if you choose.

NO Encrypted index data

The vendor may use an industry standard database such as SQL server; however they encrypt the data (and don't tell you). You are out of luck and have just bought a "vertical migration path" for the product. (That means that you are a customer for life of the vendor).

SentryFile does not encrypt your index data. The data can be easily viewed or exported to other applications.

NO Seat licensing

Software is licensed either on a "server" basis - a certain number of dollars for unlimited users, or seat licensing. Seat licensing means a per-employee (seat) fee. Your costs are not fixed. If another employee is hired you are required to purchase an additional seat license. Another version of seat licensing is "concurrent seats". A 10 concurrent seat license means that a maximum of 10 users can be on the system at any time. Suffice it to say that server licensing is simpler to understand, has no future cost implications and in the long run is less expensive and better for the customer.

SentryFile is licensed on a per-server basis. This means that you can install SentryFile onto one server and allow as many users to connect to it as is supported by your hardware.

NO Hidden add-ons

The idea is to sell the minimum software to get the customer started and then hit them in the future with additional capabilities that they absolutely will need. The best example is to exclude web access. For employees on the road, working out of their homes, working out of branch locations, or working at home after hours having web access is a huge benefit.

SentryFile is a complete package, there are no add-ons; everything is included in the package.

NO Enormous future mandatory support costs

Some vendors require a mandatory support contract. Initially it may seem advantageous, however remember to explore the costs of support for the future add-ons that you may purchase.

SentryFile provides a base level of support free of charge. We also offer additional "premium" on a per-incident basis. This ensures that you can control the costs associated with your document management system.

NO Restrictive support agreements

For some companies if you have opted out of a support agreement, and after some years you request support, they will demand the current year's support payment plus any previous year's support payment.

SentryFile doesn't have any mandatory support agreements, you can purchase per-incident support whenever required or use our free support resources.

NO Proprietary hardware

That word proprietary again! Some systems require proprietary computers, server, scanners (even some digital copiers). Not exactly "open architecture" When you are locked into a vendor, you have limited negotiating power.

SentryFile supports all Twain compliant scanning devices (Twain is an industry standard). All computer hardware that meets the minimum system requirements will operate with SentryFile, you do not need to purchase your hardware from a specific vendor.

NO Unsupported or rare operating systems

We suggest strongly that you implement a standard industry operating system. This may cost a little more now, but will save you in the future.

SentryFile runs on Windows Server platforms, all industry standard.


Document management systems can be complicated, be sure that you have considered the above mentioned points as the wrong system could have future expensive cost implications.

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