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SentryFile Document Management has a complete Web Services API (Known as DocuCore) that is accessible to developers and integrators. This API allows you to programmatically interact with every aspect of the SentryFile Document Management Platform.

If you are familiar with Web Services, then integrating with SentryFile will be a cinch! You can access the WSDL documentation by pointing your browser to:


(replace [IP_Of_Your_Server] with the actual IP address of your SentryFile Server).

We have created a developers forum where you can ask questions about the SentryFile API. To access visit:


We want to encourage as many people as possible to integrate with SentryFile's web services, however in order to keep our support costs as low as possible (so that we don't need to increase our costs to partners/clients) we will not be providing free development support. So, if you're interrested in integration with SentryFile and you require assistance you have the following options:

  1. Pay for SentryFile Staff assistance with your project, contact us for pricing.
  2. Use the free resources on the web to help you learn what you need... There's tons of information out there! Just start googling!
  3. Take a course: There are lots of online courses, college courses available to learn how to program with Web Services.

We're certain that other members of the developer community would be willing to assist you by answering questions in the forum -- as long as you contribute some of your expertise as well! Also, our programming staff will try to assist you through the support forum, so long as they are not busy with other projects -- just don't necessarily count on them if your on a tight schedule - they are under no obligation to assist you free of charge unless they have some time available.

We hope to add new items to this area of the website in the future. We would like to provide code samples, video training, links to other good training sites, etc. Please check back often!

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